About us

About the organization

Side by Side is a non-partisan civil society organization aiming to provide refugees in Turkey and displaced individuals in Northern Syria with special needs the opportunity for a better future by empowering them to address their diverse needs and assisting them in better integration into their communities.

Our vision

A community where individuals with special needs are active members in their societies and enjoy their full human rights.

Our principles

  • Integrity
  • Responsibility
  • Independence and Non-discrimination
  • Respect for dignity, values, equality, diversity, and privacy for all individuals
  • Commitment to the principles of sustainable development of the United Nations

Board of Directors

Marwa Salti

General secretary

Firas Al-Fawal

Chairman of the Board

Professor Omer Selcukoglu

Vice Chairman of the Board

Abdul Rahman Salti


Abd Rahman Abd Rahman

The fifth member

Organizational Chart

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